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Physicians, patients, nursing staff and KOLs / policymakers all have one thing in common: A lack of time. And depending on their profession, they all are extremely sensitive about confidentiality and data protection. Motivating this target group to talk is difficult – and this is where our professional and sophisticated moderators come into their own:

  • What gets into the respondent‘s conscious mind is rarely the whole truth. We discover and probe for you to achieve reliable results with true validity.
  • Sufficient prior knowledge without any bias – we are skilled at managing that particular balancing act!
  • Steady nerves, a flexible approach, sufficient authority but at the same time a degree of sensitivity – these virtues can be contradictory. A good moderator has to know all the ropes and weigh up how the respondent will react in different situations.
  • Our basic toolkit includes a large number of opening techniques.