Market Research Services for Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industry

Looking for a market research service provider who finds the right target group for your healthcare projects? Fantastic! With Blueberry Fields, you have a reliable partner at your side.

We are the recruitment generalist within the industry.

Blueberry Fields specializes in recruiting healthcare professionals from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for Market Research Studies. With more than 25 years of experience in market research services, we offer all players in the market (doctors, specialists, decision-makers and patients), as well as the entire range of methods - qualitative and quantitative.

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01 _____ Experts


Excellent know-how of the industry.

Blueberry Fields has many years of experience and expertise in the field of healthcare market research.
This allows us to know which methods are best suited to effectively reach the right target group and achieve meaningful results.

02_____ Tailors

Focus on industry instead of methods.

Through close cooperation, we understand your individual requirements and develop tailor-made solutions that meet your needs at every step of the market research process.
We do not envision ourselves as mere implementers of studies, but attach great value to providing our customers with comprehensive advice - always keen to offer tailor-made solutions for them.

03 _____ Partners

Great minds think alike.

As a service provider, we offer more than just recruiting your target group: from moderation to programming and field control to analysis, you get what your heart desires.

This partnership-based cooperation enables us to make our customers happy, but also to grow together with them and contribute to the successful implementation of their projects.

In short:
Whenever you need an absolute research professional on the subject of pharmaceutical and medical device industry, you have come to the right place!