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Data Privacy

Welcome to Blueberry Fields GmbH, we are happy to have you visiting our website. We want you to feel good about us dealing with your private data: therefore, we would like to help you to understand what happens with your collected personal data and explain our safety measures. Furthermore, we will provide information about your rights according to the provisions of data privacy law.

Personal Data

We usually do not need any of your personal data while you visit our website. We only take notice of the name of your internet service provider and other websites that you visit. This information will only be used for statistics (e.g. number of page views per websites). Meanwhile, you will remain anonymous as an internet user.

No personal data will be collected without you expressing your consent first (e.g. during personal contact).

User Profile / Compliance

User profiles are not created. In case we will intend to create user profile later on, we will inform you straight after visiting our website to provide the opportunity to object. We will certainly respect your dissent and will not create your user profile then.

We will only collect your personal data for consulting, marketing, or market research after obtaining your consent. The possibility to revoke your compliance will be given at any time.

Usage and Passing on of personal data / Earmarking

All personal data we collect while you visit our website, will only be collected, processed and used due to its mentioned purpose. Meanwhile, we will take care that this will only happen due to legal provisions and your explicit consent.

Right to Information

On request, we can also provide written notice about your stored personal data.

Links to other websites

Our website contains obvious links to third party websites which are not operated by us.
We do not have any influence on the content of the websites of other providers. Therefore, there will be no warranty and no liability for the content of those websites. For the content of those websites, the respective providers are responsible only. The linked websites have been proved due to illegal content and law violations before. Unlawful contents were not noticed at that time. A permanent content control of those websites without specific indication to law violations is not feasible. However, if we recognise any unlawful content we will immediately remove the link from our website.


We have met all technical and organizational measures to protect the collected data of our employers/clients/providers against random or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or the access of unauthorized people. The security levels will be constantly checked and aligned to new security standards in collaboration with security experts.


To provide a user friendly, effective and safe supply we use so called cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files, stored on your computer (on your main memory) by remaining on your browser.
Cookies allow us to analyse how our website is used. With this information, we can design our contents according to user needs. Furthermore, we can also measure the effectivity of an ad und align its placement according to user needs.
Most of our used cookies are “session-cookies”. These session-cookies will be deleted automatically right after you leave our website again.
Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can change this browser setup, if you want to prevent the storage of cookies on your computer. Nevertheless, you can then still use our website without any restrictions (exceptions: configurations).

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact our privacy officer, if you have any further questions to our privacy policy.